Buy One – Give One

Our “Buy One – Give One” initiative is a simple model we have adapted as another means for helping to give back.  Our goal is to make donations of songbooks to needy, appropriate charitable or support organizations for every book purchased online by you the customers.  Similar in intent to our Glad Morning “Every Ticket Counts” motto – where a percentage of your concert ticket purchase is donated to an organization in the area of the event venue – now you will be happy to know when you buy one of our songbooks, we will give a songbook away to an area group that can use the book for entertainment, education, or therapeutic purposes.
So many studies* have been done and show that music is sooooo beneficial to helping people learn, heal, thrive.  We support this theory and have decided that this is another way we can help support others.  Whether it’s a school or daycare program, a retirement or assisted living home, a hospital/hospice organization, we know that music can be a small piece but a large factor in helping people live better.

Music has truly blessed our lives – we hope we can play a small part in being able to give back and bless others too!

In Joy,

Brad and Elaine Brumley Johnson