Glad Morning Initiative

Glad Morning logoShowing even one person how, or giving them the opportunity, to be empowered and safe and believe in themselves may not change the world, but it will surely change that person’s world forever.

The Family Heritage

Some Glad Morning.. the first words in an amazing song known around the world…  “I’ll Fly Away”.  You might have heard it in “O’ Brother, Where Art Thou?” being sung by the amazing Alison Krauss or “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”  Or maybe at a funeral or on a bus or in church or…well there are endless possibilities of where you might know it from, as it is literally known 

 Click to see recent recipientsaround the world and has been translated in every language.  We find this amazing and quite incredibly cool to be a part of.    Elaine has this powerful music legacy within her life and family and has been blessed in many ways from it.  Her grandfather Albert E. Brumley wrote “I’ll Fly Away” and “Rank  Strangers to Me” and about 798 other songs.

The Glad Morning Initiative™

This is where Glad Morning comes from.  Since they are the first words of her legacy and they are a wonderful message, they surely resonated with us.   But… we like to think of Glad Morning as now, every day, not in the future somewhere, so here we are … The Glad Morning Initiative™

In the belief that everything has power and counts we chose to give back by doing just that…giving something back, even if it is one person at a time.  After all, it takes a million individual folks to create that million.   The Glad Morning Initiative™  is now in our world.

You Who Play a Part

As the folks who make our livelihoods possible and choose to be a part of what we have to offer, you can know that by simply making this choice to participate in one of these events, you are a part of this, what we consider, amazing Initiative… all without added expense for you!

By simply purchasing a ticket to any event that we have designated as a Glad Morning event…you have the opportunity to count!  We give back a % of the profits from ticket sales from the Glad Morning events so Every ticket and every person really counts because every person is giving back and … every person who receives is benefiting in some way that can change their world.

 Click here and learn  how your book purchase helps others with  “Buy One - Give One” charity model! You, as being a part of the retreat or event, are automatically partnering with this energy of giving just by doing something you wanted to do anyway!  You get to be a part of it and know you are making a positive difference in the world.  We hope this gives you a good heart feeling like it does us : )


Thank You to all who participate with us in The Glad Morning Initiative™!

In Joy,

Brad and Elaine Brumley Johnson

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